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Use data-driven decision-making for equipment assets to optimize profitability, safety and compliance.

ISPM helps asset-intensive industries improve equipment availability and minimize hazards with high-quality equipment reliability data. High-quality, structured equipment failure data give companies better insight into equipment reliability and performance and thus enable data-driven decision making.

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Technical hierarchy is the foundation of your maintenance and reliability program.

ISPM gives you an “intelligent hierarchy” that defines equipment boundaries and interrelationships in a manner that can be interpreted by the system.  Technical tags are mapped into the system, which gives you one unique identifier and complete traceability for each functional object throughout all systems and records.

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Reliability data quality begins at data inception.

With ISPM, equipment reliability data quality processes are integral with work management processes, which minimizes the need to reconstruct failure event details at a later point in time.  A small upfront investment in quality data collection gives a big payback in reduced analytical time and high-quality failure metrics

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Equipment reliability data merging and assessment require common viewpoints of equipment for meaningful data comparisons.

ISPM equipment taxonomy construction gives you industry standard equipment boundary envelopes that are defined by the system.  Multi-Level Failure Reporting (MLFR®) is used to aggregate all failure events within any given equipment boundary to the parent equipment level.  No more data mining required!  

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Optimize corporate decision-making by leveraging industry data from the CCPS PERD ERP database.

ISPM gives you native integration with the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Process Equipment Reliability Database (PERD).  PERD ERP runs SAP software with the ISPM Appliance installed, which greatly simplifies data exchange. 

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CCPS PERD Seminar, 31-Oct-2017 and 01-Nov-2017
September 30, 2017
Reliability Dynamics Partners with CCPS PERD to Deliver New Equipment Reliability Data Toolset
Reliability Dynamics Partners with CCPS PERD to Deliver New Equipment Reliability Data Toolset
March 11, 2013

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