• Data-Driven Decisions
  • Reliability Insights
  • Reliability Data QM
  • Digital Data Structure
  • Industry Data

Collect high-quality equipment performance data and use it to optimize equipment decisions and plant operations

Our ISPM Product addresses the root causes of data issues, making field and shop floor data high-quality at inception.

High-quality reliability data are otherwise unavailable, due to pervasive ERP/CMMS solution deficiencies.
• Transactional Data Governance is missing.
• Data augmentation and cleansing tools, e.g., NLP, only address symptoms.

Low-quality data compromise equipment decisions, increase risk, and decrease profitability.

ISPM Explainer Video
ISPM Explainer Video (2 min)


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Quickly determine which equipment reliability issues are most affecting your corporate bottom line and resolve them.

• Identify high-consequence equipment failures.
• Drill-down to analyze failure details.
• Resolve reliability issues with objective decisions.


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Our ISPM Product addresses the root causes of data quality issues with Transactional Data Governance (TDG).

Data quality management is comprised of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) steps:

  • QA is comprised of steps, such as field validations, that increase the likelihood that completed records are correct.
  • QC is a review of completed records to ensure data compliance (partial sampling), with follow-up actions to address non-compliance.

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ISO 14224-conformant data structure for digitalization of equipment performance data.

• Equipment data/properties and failure notations
• Template for technical hierarchy construction
• Semantic encoding and Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) enable interoperability between companies

Extended taxonomy content by RD gives complete coverage for all equipment (link to details).


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Optimize corporate decision-making by leveraging methods and industry data from the PERD Project.

The ISPM Product enables interoperability with the Process Equipment Reliability Database (PERD). 

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