Taxonomy Definition Development


We help you extend the ISO 14224 taxonomy for equipment specific to your industry.

While the ISO 14224 methodology is relevant to any asset intensive industry, examples in Annexes A and B are specific to equipment used in offshore oil and gas industries. While there is some overlap of equipment types in offshore oil and gas and other industries, e.g. pumps, motors, and heat exchangers, many equipment classes from other industries are not included in the standard. They must be developed in order for you to use the ISO 14224 standard effectively.

We extend the ISO 14224 taxonomy by developing additional equipment classes in a manner consistent with existing content in Annexes A and B. New content for each new equipment class includes:

  • Type classification
  • Boundary definition
  • Equipment subdivision
  • Equipment-specific characteristics
  • Equipment-specific failure modes
    • Existing failure modes in Annex B are mapped to new classes
    • Supplementary failure modes added as required

We also supplement Annex A content with schemata (primary identifiers) for representing the data in your ERP/CMMS, including:

  • Equipment subdivision
  • Class IDs, characteristic IDs, and characteristic value IDs and values
  • Catalog codes, code groups, and catalog profiles


Example of a boundary diagram we created for atmospheric tanks

Taxonomy Development