Industry Standard Solution for Plant Maintenance

The Industry Standard Solution for Plant Maintenance (ISPM®) (US patent pending) is an engineering solution for asset management that has been tried, tested, and refined through application in industry. It is compliant with international and industry engineering data standards, consistent with good engineering practice, and built with leading data architecture practices. It is delivered as functionality and content within corporate ERP systems.

ISPM greatly improves quality and accessibility of equipment reliability data with standard data collection processes and by structuring data in relational format. High-quality structured data enable fast and comprehensive analyses. Whereas non-relational failure data (typical of traditional solutions) must be analyzed one record at a time, with ISPM, thousands of failure events can be queried simultaneously. Companies use that information to identity high-consequence equipment failures and failure patterns, determine underlying failure details and systemic problems, develop maintenance strategies, and take corrective actions. This truly gives companies the ability to make data-driven decisions.

The ISPM Add-on for SAP is a rapid deployment solution (RDS) for the SAP ERP product. It requires no new software or new IT application support and is fully integrated with all SAP modules.

ISPM Benefits

  • Optimizes bottom-line decision making
  • Enables corporate-wide failure metrics and benchmarking
  • Logical and systematic process for representing facilities
    • One unique ID for each object throughout all systems and records
    • Separation of functional and physical aspects of equipment minimizes data maintenance requirements
  • Systematic and validated failure data collection processes
    • Industry standard compliant
    • Configurable for participant-specific data
  • Built-in appliance ensures integration with all corporate aspects
    • FICO, Materials Management, HR, etc.
    • No new application support requirements
  • Improves personnel efficiency
    • Fleshes-out bad actor equipment for prioritization and preventive strategy development
    • Shift to quality data collection versus after-the-fact data mining


ISPM Solution Overview

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