The Industry Standard Solution for Plant Maintenance (ISPM®)

The Industry Standard Solution for Plant Maintenance (ISPM®) is an engineering solution for the application of ISO 14224 methods in corporate software. ISPM helps companies use data-driven decision-making for equipment assets to minimize operational risk and optimize profitability. ISPM and ISO 14224 provide a data structure and methods for digitalization, standard methods for collection of high-quality, structured reliability and maintenance data, and corporate views of equipment reliability versus HSE and profitability with drill-down to failure details.

High-quality structured data enable fast and comprehensive analyses and data-driven decision-making. Whereas digitized failure data must typically be analyzed one record at a time, high-quality digitalized data enable thousands of failure events to be queried simultaneously. Companies can use that information to quickly identify high-consequence equipment failures and failure patterns, determine underlying failure details and systemic problems, and take corrective actions. 

ISPM methods can be applied in any enterprise software or CMMS. The ISPM product is available as an SAP-certified Add-on. The ISPM Solution has been tried, tested, and refined through 15 years of application in heavy industries.

ISPM Solution Overview

ISO 14224 Application Overview