Technical Hierarchy Development


We help you build the foundation for your maintenance and reliability program.

Your technical hierarchy is that foundation.  It is the infrastructure that supports all master data and equipment failure reporting processes.  We can help you design and build a new technical hierarchy or can help you retrofit your existing technical hierarchy to make it industry standard compliant.

Overview of the ISPM Industry standard functional taxonomy design

Technical Taxonomy

New Technical Hierarchy Design

  • Development of an asset register
  • Map P&ID/engineering tags into the system, create ISO 14224 functional equipment structures, and map the structures to functional areas
  • Assign equipment objects to equipment and component level functional locations
  • Create and assign classification structures for functional locations and equipment and populate data
  • Create failure code sets and assign to equipment and component level objects
  • Create and assign measurement points  to functional and physical objects
  • Create document info records for equipment boundary definitions and assign to relevant objects

Retrofit of Existing Technical Hierarchy

  • Assess existing taxonomy and make recommendations to make it industry standard compliant
    • In many cases, changes to the existing structure are minimal
  • Primary changes are to equipment and component objects
    • Establishing coincident functional and materialized records for each tag
    • Structuring equipment boundary envelopes consistent with ISO 14424 equipment subdivision
    • Structuring to define equipment interrelationships
  • Update transactional documents and preventive plans as required
    • In most cases, transactional data and preventive maintenance are unaffected
  • Rationalize existing characteristics
    • Eliminate duplicates with ISO 14224 characteristic set
    • Allocate as relevant to functional versus physical objects
  • Rationalize DMS objects  between functional and physical objects
  • Complete other new taxonomy data steps, as required