ISPM Prototype


We think it’s important for you to see end-to-end processes in action BEFORE you buy the solution.  Let us give you a complete demonstration of ISPM for your own facilities. 

Here's How it Works:

  • You provide us with the following data for one of your equipment installations
    • Equipment list
    • P&IDs
  • We set a functional taxonomy structure for your equipment in Reliability Dynamics’ SAP system
  • We give you access to our system and let you test it yourself
  • Reliability Dynamics will create test data and give a guided tour


Prototype Overview

  • Equipment technical hierarchy construction
    • Map your P&ID tags into a functional structure
    • Define equipment boundaries
    • Install equipment objects
  • Malfunction reporting
    • Work initiation process
    • Work close-out
    • Event classification (e.g. event consequence accounting)
    • Minimum dataset
    • Data validations
  • Failure Metrics
    • Multi-level failure reporting
    • Hierarchical reporting
    • SAP standard reports
    • SAP Business Graphics