New Big Data and IIoT sensors give asset-intensive companies a real-time corporate view of operational risk and a toolset to optimize profitability and minimize hazards.

Real-Time Risk Management (RTRMTM) is an asset performance management (APM) tool that integrates risk data with enterprise resource planning (ERP) data to manage risk control measures for processing facilities and equipment.  RTRM uses Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors and Big Data Analytics to monitor and present a real-time global facilities risk dashboard to corporate management.  This helps companies set APM priorities based on their bottom-line: health and safety, production throughput, and profitability.  It also helps companies prioritize application of digital capabilities for their equipment assets.”

Prepackaged ISO 14224 taxonomy content in electronic format, including equipment classification, failure coding, use/location data, equipment-specific characteristics, and equipment boundary definitions.

The ISPM Add-on is an SAP-certified product for application of ISO 14224 methods and content in SAP Plant Maintenance.  Reliability Dynamics is a licensed engineering company and an SAP-certified solution provider.