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Use data-driven decision-making for equipment assets to optimize profitability, safety and compliance.

ISPM helps asset-intensive industries improve equipment availability and minimize hazards with high-quality equipment reliability data. High-quality, structured equipment failure data give companies better insight into equipment reliability and performance and thus enable data-driven decision making.

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Which equipment reliability issues are most affecting your corporate bottom line?

High-quality digitalized equipment reliability data enable instantaneous corporate views of what matters most: the effect of equipment failure events on health, safety, environment, and profits; with the capability to drill-down to failure details.

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High-quality reliability data enable corporate metrics and machine learning

High-quality data are usable, reliable, relevant, readily available, and well-presented to consumers. Data quality management is comprised of quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) steps. QA steps increase the probability that completed records are correct. QC is a review of completed records to ensure data compliance, with follow-up action to address non-compliance.

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Standard definitions of equipment

ISO 14224 equipment taxonomy definitions provide a standard data structure for technical hierarchy construction and for the collection of equipment reliability, maintenance, and risk data. The ISO 14224 data structure enables digitalization, digital twins, and interoperability between different data sources. ISO 14224 provides taxonomy definitions (examples) in Annexes A and B.

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Optimize corporate decision-making by leveraging industry data from the CCPS PERD ERP database.

ISPM gives you native integration with the Center for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) Process Equipment Reliability Database (PERD).  PERD ERP runs SAP software with the ISPM Appliance installed, which greatly simplifies data exchange. 

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