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ISO Standards To Enable Reliable, Safe and Cost-Effective Technology Development, Project Execution and Operational Excellence

R. √ėsteb√ł, Statoil ASA; J. T. Selvik, International Research Institute of Stavanger; G. Naegeli, Petrobras; T. Ciliberti, Reliability Dynamics LLC

May 2018

This paper addresses the current oil & gas industry need for awareness and how to accelerate use of international standardization efforts, with focus on multi-disciplinary ISO standards and business governance. Qualified compliant use of ISO standards can unlock necessary business value and is a means to achieve cost-efficiency, HSE objectives, and minimize climate impact. The user domain encompasses regulatory bodies, oil and gas companies, drilling companies, engineering companies, equipment manufacturers, research & consultancies.

The ISO/TC67 Working Group “Reliability engineering and technology" has responsibility for reliability and cost related ISO standards within the Petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. The portfolio of the multi-disciplinary ISO standards is internationally acknowledged and has recently been updated by many new standards that the global user domain can benefit from to achieve cost-reducing technologies. Reliability and cost is part of the equation in innovative technology development processes to enforce quality and minimize risk, and enable new technology meets overall business performance objectives.

This paper gives highlights of the following ISO standards and a roadmap for their application:

  • ISO 14224 - Collection and exchange of reliability and maintenance data for equipment
  • ISO 20815 - Production assurance and reliability management
  • ISO 19008 - Standard cost coding system to gas production and processing facilities

Company applications are presented to show examples in technology development, project development, and oil & gas field operations. Standards relation to digitalization of oil and gas industry will also be addressed, eg. how ‚Äúreliability communication‚ÄĚ between oil company and supplier can benefit from use of the latest ISO standard 14224. Contractual framing of reliability and Key Performance Indicators is also be presented.

This ISO standardization work is based on international expert team efforts by many countries, and in collaboration with IOGP. The work supports the ISO/TC67 Mission: ‚ÄúTo create value-added standards for the oil and gas industry," and the ISO/TC67 Vision: ‚ÄúInternational standards used locally worldwide.‚ÄĚ

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Make the Most Out of Process Safety and Operability Information

Chemical Engineering Progress

March 2005

When information is organized and accessible, more people will use it and thus be better informed.  Better information means better decisions, which results in safer facilities and more efficient operations.

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Use Criticality-Based Maintenance for Optimum Equipment Reliability

Chemical Engineering Progress

July 1998

Here is a systematic approach to compliance and optimization of process capacity and quality.  The premise in prioritizing maintenance based on projected consequences of equipment failure.

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Ranking Equipment Criticality

Chemical Engineering

October 1994

Chemical processing industries spend a lot of time and money for process safety management (PSM) and compliance with PSM regulations.  These efforts can also give a payback in the way of improved production, yield, and quality.

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